3 Essential Soccer Training Products Every Coach Needs

Soccer is a very popular sport second only to baseball and basketball in the United States. Soccer is also a sport that requires a broad range of various skills to win. You need to be fast, strong and strategic to defeat your rivals. Soccer coaches know this and try to prepare players at every practice for the next difficult game. Coaches need to rely on equipment during training. Here are three soccer training products every coach needs to have.

Practice Cones

The first product that every soccer coach needs to have is a set of good practice cones. These plastic cones come in dozens of sizes. You want to have some small, medium and large cones on hand during every practice. These are critical and basic tools for coaches. They can be used in a number of ways. You can put them in a line to have zigzag drills. You could also put them at random intervals for change direction drills. They are invaluable because you can adapt the cones to nearly any type of soccer training situation. An added benefit is that they are lightweight, small and highly portable for practicing away from the home field.
Agility Ladder

Although 13 million people in the country play soccer, not all of them have the agility to dominate the field. Building agility and core muscles can be difficult. A tool coaches should be employing at every soccer practice is an agility ladder. This simple ladder can help all the players on a team to start building agility. This will show on the field as players develop the ability to weave effortlessly around and between the opposing team. An agility ladder also benefits players by helping to build balance. This is done through the core muscle groups. Balance is critical in soccer because you want your players to be able to perform daring maneuvers without falling to the ground every time.


The record 24.7 million Americans who watched the World Cup some time ago might not have realized just how strong you have to be to succeed at professional soccer. The game is about much more than speed and dexterity. You need to have power behind your kicks and other maneuvers. Soccer coaches need to have sleds to give players that power. Sleds allow you to build useable muscle mass and power in your players so that they can endure on the field and take whatever the other team throws at them. You can adjust the weight and resistance of sleds for each player or for different training goals. Something people might not realize is that running into sleds and dragging them can actually start to build speed so that unencumbered players on the field move much faster.