3 Reasons to call a personal injury lawyer after an accident

You can be stopped at a stop light for 20 or 30 seconds, and suddenly, you’re crashing into a different world that you never wanted to be in. You’ve been rear ended by a car traveling at the 35 mph speed limit, and the impact was heavy. You’re hurt and dazed. Paramedics are called to the scene. You’re examined and transported to the emergency room, and then you’re admitted with two fractured neck vertebrae and obvious disc herniations. The driven who rear-ended you was texting, and is insured by a gigantic insurer. Here are three reasons why you’ll want to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer after your accident.

They’ll want a statement from you
As per Newsweek , the National Safety Council estimates that over 38,000 were killed on roads in the United States in 2015, and about 4.4 million were injured. That’s huge money for insurance companies. You can expect a call from the other driver’s insurer sometime soon. The adjuster will ask for your consent to take a recorded statement with your version of the events. Don’t give recorded or written statements to anybody on the other side. The law doesn’t require you to do so without your attorney being present. Your personal injury lawyer will tell you when and where you’ll give that statement, prepare you for giving it and be personally present when you’re giving it. You don’t know what you’re doing. You’ll only hurt your case.

They know what they’re doing, and you don’t
A busy insurance adjuster handles hundreds of injury claims a year. How many have you handled in your lifetime? They know tricks that aren’t even in the book. A respected personal injury lawyer will protect you from an insurance adjuster’s tactics while also maintaining your credibility. They’re also going to do everything they can to protect your credibility if you have to go in front of 12 people who are going to decide whether you receive any compensation and how much you’ll get.

Proving negligence
You have the burden of proof in proving negligence, but you don’t know what the elements of negligence are or how to prove them. Expect the other side to dispute the nature and extent of your injuries. In some cases, they’ll even try to attribute some or all of the liability over onto you. Only experienced personal injury lawyers know how to overcome allegations involving your comparative negligence.

You might prevail and get some compensation if you go it alone, but even after paying your personal injury lawyer, you’re likely to come out far ahead. Do yourself a favor and take the burden of proving your personal injury case to a highly experienced professional.