3 Simple Ways to maximize your Vapor’s Battery

Vaporizers have become very popular, and they’re perfect for converting liquid nicotine blends into vapor. However, there is a common problem that makes many vaporizers less convenient.

People who’ve chosen vaporizing over smoking complain that the battery life of their vaporizer is too short. The good news is that there are at least three simple ways to make your vaporizer’s battery life last a bit longer.

Charge the Battery Properly

Most electronic cigarettes use a lithium battery, which means proper charging is very important. To make sure your vaporizer’s battery is always running strong, it’s important to maintain it properly. It’s best to start charging the battery when it reaches 50 percent battery life.

By waiting until the battery level is very low, it causes stress for the battery’s components. Over time, the additional stress will weaken the battery and prevent it from functioning properly. It’s important to make sure the battery is always charged when it needs to be charged.

By putting it off and waiting too long to recharge it, the battery starts to lose its ability to hold a charge. The damage sustained by the battery will ensure a full charge doesn’t last nearly as long as it did when the battery was new.

Always Keep the Battery Safe

When you’re not using your vaporizer’s battery, it’s important to store it in a secure location. It’s a mistake to believe the battery will last longer if it’s not being used.

If an e-cigarette battery isn’t used often, it will start to discharge and lose its ability to hold a charge. The battery inside of an electronic cigarette is meant to be used often, so by leaving the battery out, you’re actually preventing it from performing as well as it could.

Make Sure It’s Clean

To maximize your vaporizer’s battery, it’s important to keep it clean. A typical vaporizer battery is constantly exposed to dirt and oils, which almost always rub off of your hands.

These contaminants attract other unwanted debris, and before you know it, the whole battery is covered in leaked e-liquid and debris. It’s a good idea to regularly take apart your electric cigarette and clean the battery.

If your battery is covered with contaminants, they’ll cause it to overheat, and it will gradually lose performance. Another way to maximize battery life is to store your batteries properly. Most vaporizers come with a special battery case, which is designed for optimal protection.

You should never expose your batteries to excessive humidity or heat. When the batteries aren’t being used, store them inside a protective case and keep the case in a cool, dry area. These are three simple ways to maximize the life of any vaporizer battery.