4 Common Mistakes When Using Heat Presses and What to Avoid

Using a heat press can be a little intimidating. You want to make sure you know what you’re doing so you don’t risk ruining your t-shirts. There are common mistakes everyone makes when using a heat press. Whether you’re doing it for your business or just personal fun knowing some things to avoid will save you time and money.

One common mistake people make when using a heat press is simply getting distracted. When you’re operating the press it’s important to ignore your phone and go to a quiet place where you’ll be able to concentrate on what you’re doing. Getting distracted can result in the transfer not going onto the shirt or going to the wrong place. It’s easy to put a transfer on upside down when you get distracted.

Sometimes less is more when it comes to using the heat press. There are accessories that can be used including a cover sheet or a pillow. These are unnecessary. They can actually hinder your process instead of helping it. The cover sheet can interfere with the temperature needed for the transfer to work correctly.

The pillow might result in your transfer being uneven and not adhering completely to the shirt. If you’re following the directions on the heat press, then you should have everything you need to do it correctly. The extra pieces will just hold you back. It will be important to follow the directions for the first few times you use it to make sure you are teaching yourself the correct way to use it.

Another mistake people make is skipping the pre-pressing step. All this does is help you remove the moisture that might be in the fabric to make sure you get a good seal. This means you just close the press down on just the shirt without the transfer. This makes sure your transfer doesn’t crack after its washed resulting in someone being unhappy with the shirt. If you do the pre-press, which only takes a few extra seconds, you’ll remove the excess moisture and prepare the shirt for the transfer.

The fourth mistake people make when using the heat press is within the placement of their transfers. This is something that can be quite frustrating, especially if it happens with multiple shirts in a row. There are techniques you can use including rulers for the same amount of space between the collar and the transfer on each one. You can also use the tag in the back of the shirt to determine where the middle is.
It’s going to happen, mistakes are inevitable. If you are aware of potential mistakes and follow the proper steps, you can avoid issues when using a heat press. You’ll learn to use the press better with each shirt or item you create.