4 Crucial Uses for an Outbound Call Center

Traditional call centers usually take incoming calls and make outgoing calls. Call centers today sometimes specialize in just one or the other in order to cut down on costs. Outbound call centers are very popular because it allows businesses to reach out to customers or consumers. Here are four critical uses for an outbound call center.

Telemarketing and Generating Sales

The main use for an outbound call center is telemarketing and generating sales. With consumer spending increasing by 4.7 percent, outbound sales can be a way to tap into the market. Outbound sales can take many forms. Some companies use cold calling where random lists of people are contacted with a sales pitch. Targeted outbound sales focus on consumers who expressed an interest in a product previously. Outbound sales can be very effective when done right and paired with effective marketing.

Perform Urgent Customer Service Tasks

Surveys show 90 percent of consumers prefer brick-and-mortar stores to online retailers. A reason for this is the customer service provided in person. Outbound call centers can help to draw in those consumers by performing urgent customer service tasks when necessary. These are things like updating customers about shipping delays, resolving credit card issues and informing customers about recalls or defective products. Outbound customer service is important because it is consistently one of the top reasons consumers give for loyalty to certain brands or companies.

Conduct Marketing Research

Another critical task that an outbound call center can perform is marketing research. This is a very common practice. The representatives call previous customers, current customers or consumers from a list. Those people are then asked to participate in a survey, provide feedback about a recent purchase or answer questions about the brand. The answers that this type of outbound marketing research can provide are invaluable. The results could show surprising consumer trends that require immediate attention. They can also provide guidance in how the company should proceed when expanding, introducing new products or changing policies related to customers. Outbound contact centers are the perfect choice for conducting marketing research.

Debt Collection

A final critical use for outbound call centers is debt collection. This is a necessary part of any business selling through catalogs or online. Mistakes can be made when ordering. Credit cards or checks might not process when it comes time to ship an order. Some people might actually attempt to scam the company by refusing to pay for a shipment or charging back the amount. The outbound representatives will go through lists calling the customers who owe the company money. This is a simple and quick way to resolve mistakes and other issues. It is also an efficient way to weed out customers who might be attempting to abuse the company and ordering system.