4 Questions to Ask Before Going on Your First Saltwater Fishing Trip

You may fish on a local lake or river periodically, but a saltwater fishing trip may be a new experience for you.Saltwater fishing brings you new species to target and an entirely new environment to master. You understandably want to make the most of this experience, so it makes sense to ask a few important questions before you embark on your trip. These are some of the more critical questions to ask upfront.

How Many People Will Be on the Boat? 
Regardless of whether you have booked a saltwater fishing excursion through a charter company or you are planning to spend time on a friend’s boat, you need more information about what the experience will entail. Learning more about how many people will be on the boat will tell you about how relaxing versus frustrating the experience may be. Keep in mind that cramming many people together on a small boat can result in tangled lines and limited space to work with lures, bait and lines. On the other hand, if only a few people will be on the boat, this may present ideal conditions even if the vessel is rather small.

What Gear Is Included? 
You need to know what gear you should bring with you. Most boats are equipped with required life jackets, but you may need to bring your pole and other gear. This may be particularly true if you are going out on a friend’s boat. Many charter services provide all of the gear that you need. However, sunscreen, drinks and snacks may be essential.

What Are the Boat’s Amenities? 
When you plan to spend a decent amount of time on the open water in a bay or on the ocean, you need to know what amenities the boat has. For example, is there a head on board, or will you be required to jump in the water if nature calls? Is there an indoor cabin area to seek shelter in if the weather turns bad. Does the boat have a built-in cooler, or will you need to bring your own cooler?

How Long Is the Trip? 
You reasonably want to spend at least a few hours fishing while you are on the water. However, in some popular fishing locations, you may need to spend a fair amount of time traveling to prime fishing locations away from shore. Understand how much time you will be on the water and how much time may actually be spent fishing.

Saltwater fishing is a unique experience compared to freshwater fishing. Your experience may vary based on whether you are fishing on a private boat with friends or on a charter boat with a professional guide. As you prepare for your trip, spend a few minutes gathering answers to these important questions.