4 Tips for Product Packaging that Catches the Eye

Product packaging is an important part of creating a new product. You can have the best product in the world, but it’s hard to stand out in a market full of similar products. So here are four useful design tips that will help your product fly off the shelves.


1. Convey Your Unique Selling Proposition


Your packaging should convey your unique selling proposition. The USP is your product’s main benefit that gives it a competitive edge over the competition. So, find a graphic designer and brainstorm with him or her for some creative designs that will express your product’s USP.


2. Keep Your Design Simple


As you seek to creatively express your product’s main selling point, don’t over complicate the design. According to Forbes, simplicity can be an effective and powerful tool. Some products today have busy packaging designs. A simple design can be visually refreshing and an effective way to cut through the clutter of other overwhelming designs.


3. Emotionally Connect with Your Audience


Most consumer purchases are based on emotion instead of reason, according to Forbes. And people on average read seven words during an entire shopping trip. Reading is barely necessary because people know their favorite product based on color, shape, and its shelf location. To evoke certain emotions in consumers, package designs rely on biomotive triggers. So keep this in mind as you design. How do you want your customer to feel about your product? Logos, colors, and fonts will play a huge role in this while also establishing your brand’s identity. For example, if you were selling laundry detergent for sensitive skin, you should choose a light or pastel color for the bottle to convey the delicateness of the product.


4. The Power of Words


The words your packaging should communicate to your customers what your product is, what it does, and why they should buy it. Remember, you don’t need too much text. Since people hardly read while shopping, it’s important that your font is readable and the color contrasts well with the background.


Overall, your product’s packaging design should simply communicate your product’s main benefit in a way that enhances and compliments your product. Also, remember that people make purchases based on emotion; so be sure to convey your product’s emotional appeal in the design. These design tips will help you sell your product; but in the long run, it’s more important that your product delivers what the packaging promises.