4 Tips to Updating Your Wardrobe While on a Budget

Keeping your wardrobe updated can get pretty expensive, but if looking your best is high on your list of priorities, then some of these tips could seriously help you out in saving money. They’re all finance friendly, not entirely time consuming, and most of them are extremely manageable in terms of finding the best quality.

1. Shopping online, according to Huffington Post, is one of the best ways to save money when you’re looking for new pieces to add to your closet. Not only do online businesses have similar deals you can find in stores, but they also offer free shipping and handling on purchases that surpass particular prices. Amazon and eBay, for example, has free shipping on tons of items, and you can find plenty of amazing clothes for discounted prices. If you’re interested in strictly designer items, check out the listings that offer bidding. You could find a purse that’s normally $500 for less than $50. Websites like eBay and Amazon also offer a platform where you can search for specific name brand products. If you’re not a bidding kind of person, keep in mind that most companies where you’d normally shop most likely have websites of their own.

2. Stocking up on accessories is always a good idea, even for those who aren’t fashionistas. Accessories make all the difference between a sweater vs a jacket. They can turn your style from one thing to the next. An article by Forbes also thinks accessories are one of the most important aspects in updating your wardrobe.

3. Don’t get rid of stuff you don’t wear, unless you can’t find anything worth doing with it. Instead, turn them into DIY projects. Sometimes, old empire belts can make great purse handles. Maybe that old and stretched out shirt could be made into a nice scarf. There are plenty of different easy tutorials you can find on YouTube or DIY websites. Check out Bustle for more information.

4. When most people hear the words “Goodwill”, they think of stained and used clothes that are ugly or torn. Don’t pass up a thrift store simply because it’s considered a second hand store. You can find so many amazing deals for top quality products. Even if you don’t find something you like on your first visit, keep visiting each week until you find something, because even at places like Goodwill, people donate some great stuff every day. I once found a brand new Hermosa birkin bag at a Goodwill for $200, but it was worth thousands of dollars. Never underestimate the quality of a decent thrift store. Shop at vintage and/or thrift stores. You can find information on one of the most popular blogs online at Popsugar.

These tips have always helped me out when updating my wardrobe. I hope they help others who read this, too.