5 Benefits of Using Architectural Glass In Your Home

You are not stuck with the type of regular glass that you are used to seeing when renovating or building a home. One option that you need to consider is architectural glass. This type of glass is immediately recognizable and has some very distinctive qualities. Here are five benefits of using architectural glass in your home.

Durability and Safety

Although over 20 million tons of glass is produced annually in the United States, few pieces are as durable and safe as architectural glass. Architectural glass is designed to be very heavy and durable. It can withstand things that typical panes of glass never would. It is also usually designed to be safe if a massive impact does actually shatter it. The glass will not break into pieces and fly all over the room. It will largely stay intact in the frame keeping everyone around safe.

Unique Styling and Appearance

A real benefit of architectural glass is that it has unique styling and appearance when made by skilled glaziers. You can use architectural glass to add a special look and feel to the rooms in your home. It will even improve the curb appeal of your house. The glass can be made in many different shapes and colors. It can have texture added to create interesting patterns of light when the sun shines through it. Some architectural glass is so attractive it is used in indoor panels and doors.

Energy Efficiency

The thickness and density of architectural glass makes it good for stopping energy loss. If you switch the windows in your home to architectural glass, then you will likely see improved energy efficiency. This means you will not have air exchanging with the outside changing the temperature of your home. The result is that you will be able to save money on heating and cooling costs each year.


There are 45,000 glaziers in the country today. Few are able to make windows that increase your security as much as architectural glass. The glass can help with home security in a few ways. The first is that it is incredibly difficult to get through without making a large amount of noise. Colored architectural glass can actually obscure your movements inside the home. This will help to deter criminals from trying to break into your house.

Reduce Outside Noise

A final benefit of architectural glass is that it can reduce the amount of noise you hear from outside. It is not the same as the traditional glass used in conventional windows. It does not easily transfer sound vibrations from the outside to the inside of your home. It actually stops some of the vibrations. Architectural glass will dampen outdoor sounds so that you can enjoy a quieter home.