5 Clever Ways to Remove Red Wine Stains on Carpet

Spilling red wine on your carpet is one of those oops! moments everyone hopes they never have. However, it will happen to most everyone at some point in life. This is why it is helpful to know about some different ways you can remove red wine from the carpet before it causes a permanent stain.

In this post, learn about five clever tricks to get the red wine out fast!

Tip #1: Mix together warm water, soap and white vinegar.
Many experts swear by a simple mixture of dishwashing soap, white vinegar and warm water.

What you want to do is take one tablespoon each of the white vinegar and a mild dishwashing soap, and add both to two cups of warm water. But first, blot the wine out of the carpet using soft clean cloths or paper towels, and then use another clean cloth to work the stain out with the water solution.

Tip #2: Just add salt.
If you are short on cleaning supplies, head for your pantry instead. Grab the salt and turn it upside down over the wine stain. The salt will absorb the wine and work it out until you can give it more attention later.

Tip #3: Pour on the white wine or beer.
Yup, that’s right – white wine can actually get red wine stains out. First, blot up the red wine with a clean towel or napkin. Next, pour on some white wine and wait for the stain to fade a bit. Then blot up the white wine and repeat as needed.

This can work equally well if you have beer on hand. Here, you want to actually work the beer into the stain to aid the lifting action.

Tip #4: Turn to OxyClean or Wine Away.
OxyClean is a household favorite for getting even dried red wine stains out of the carpet. Just follow the directions on the bottle. There is also a newer product called Wine Away that is just for getting wine stains out.

Tip #5: Mix together a mild dishwasher soap with hydrogen peroxide.
The bubbling action of hydrogen peroxide isn’t just great to get the dirt and bacteria out of wounds. It is equally great at extracting red wine from carpets. Mix together equal parts hydrogen peroxide and dish soap, then pour it right over the stained area.

Let it sit for a time to do its work and then wash it out with cool water.

By trying each of these home remedies, you can find your favorite cleaning solution and also have a range of options depending on what products you happen to have on hand when the red wine spills.