5 Habits That Make Your Expo Exhibit Successful

Trade shows are incredibly important even in the Internet age where so many things are done online. These expos give businesses a chance to connect directly with potential clients in a face-to-face forum. You want to do as well as possible at a trade show. Here are five habits that will make your expo exhibit successful.

Never Going In Unannounced

With more than 10,000 trade shows a year, you need to stand out when you get to any one of them. A good habit is never going into an expo unannounced. You want to start sending out marketing aggressively about four to six weeks before the show. Let everyone know your business with be at the expo. Target potential clients, partners and even the public since you never know. This will increase traffic at your expo exhibit from the very start.

Showing Up With a Plan

You want to have a marketing plan fully developed before you arrive at the trade show. This plan should include your goals for the show, ways to reach those goals and tactics that you want everyone to use. You should have sufficient marketing materials and promotional products on hand. This all needs to be plotted out in advance to make sure there is a solid strategy in place. Showing up with a plan will allow your business to make a larger impact on more people during the expo.

Supporting Your Team Constantly

A habit that will always serve your expo exhibit well is supporting your team constantly. Your team is critical for meeting your goals and bringing in new business. You need to ensure your team is educated about the business, knowledgeable about the products and trained to reflect the brand. You also need to have everything from marketing materials to bottled water on hand to make certain that your team has everything needed to succeed.

Getting Out and Interacting

An incredibly helpful habit is getting out of the exhibit and interacting. Do not just stand in the booth waiting for something to happen. Get out and talk to people, make a presentation or flag down individuals. Walk out to meet people who take a long look at your booth. Send your team out to walk the aisles passing out information. This habit can make your expo exhibit much more successful.

Following Up After the Show

An average of 9 percent of business budgets go towards events. That amount has to include follow-up after the trade show. You want to make it clear to every person you meet at the expo that you will be following up. Start making calls to interested parties just a couple of days after you get back. Follow up however the person wants from phone or email to social media. Following up is a habit that will make the expo exhibit a success that pays off.