5 Hacks for Using Tie Down Straps in Your Everyday Life

Many people just think that tie down straps are used for holding down items on a truck bed. It is true that tie down straps are very good at holding things on trucks. But these straps have a number of other uses around the house and off a truck. There are several types of tie down straps. Most people know that parachute cord has many uses that have little to do with its original usage. But both the stretchy bungee cord style and the cotton ratcheting cords have a place in the home too.

In the Car

Most people who like to be ready for a roadside emergency like to keep a few hook ended bungee cords in their trunk. They can be used to hold a trunk shut if the car is overloaded. If a door handle were to malfunction, they can also help hold a door shut till you can get home safely.

While Camping

Even if it’s just the kids camping in the back yard, tie down straps are very useful to have around. Stretchy cords can be used to hold a tent down safely. They can also be useful for quickly packing up a tent. The ratcheting design of cord will securely hold down a tent or other goods in a storm. The non-stretchy cords can also be used to hold food and other items out of reach of wildlife.

In the Workshop

There are many times when an extra set of hands would make a project much easier. Most of the time a clamp can be used. But if a project is too large to be clamped, it can always be cinched in tight. Stretchy cords are useful to hold tools or materials together. Finally, ratcheting tie down cords can be used to secure a larger project that requires clamping for a long period of time.

While Biking

A well prepared biker knows that gear failure is a matter of when, not if. Having a small tie down cord in the roadside kit can be the difference between being able to keep riding or having to stop for a more lengthy repair. They are also very useful for that quick stop in a shop. Bulky items can be quickly, securely and easily attached to the bike for the ride home.

While Moving Furniture
Moving can be a trial even under the best of circumstances. Bungee cords can be used to quickly and easily secure light loads on top of a car. The ratcheting cords can do far more than just hold down goods. Heavy or oddly shaped items can be wrapped with these cords. They hold securely enough to serve as an impromptu handle to make movement easy.