5 Surprising Facts About Barre You Didn’t Know

With the national obesity rate increasing daily, it is advised to seek physical exercise in a bid to reduce its adverse effects. Barre is a type of training that mimics ballet barre dance, and it is usually performed in gyms. The workout seeks to lengthen muscles by involving small movements that are isometric. Additionally, these movements will involve the use of yoga, barre, and Pilates. Here are five surprising facts about barre that you probably knew nothing about.

It is complicated
Since barre is a combination of several movements, learning it in a day will be a tough task. The small movements will seem easy, but the practical bit of it is harsh. For instance, the “LES MILLS BARRE” movement involves strength training and the fusion of cardio and light weights to give a more athletic task. It is therefore intense, and it will surely knock you down in your first session.

It is not a ladies’ workout
It is a popular notion that barre is mainly a girl’s workout program. Contrary to the idea, barre is a workout that involves both men and women. Barre works out by strengthening the muscles that are missed in other training workouts around the gym. Barre has been attributed to build leg muscles and improve the posture of an individual.

You needn’t be a ballet protégé to perfect it
Having a history with ballerina classes might help you when making movements, but it is not a must. The creator of “LES MILLS BARRE” workout – Diana Archer argues that quitting ballet; you benefit enormously in strengthening your body. Additionally, without previous ballet lessons, your body will be forced to work so that it can be stable while supporting your muscles.

You can practice it at home
Unlike other workout programs that will require you to make regular visits to your gym, barre can be performed at home. Though not all movements can be covered at home, basic moves will require regular house items such as a chair, countertop, and a tall table. Furthermore, you can access barre workout DVD from your local stores or through the Internet.

Cuts a significant amount of calories
If you are a health enthusiast, then you need to consider how many calories you shed in a regular workout. Though several factors determine the number of calories you cut while exercising, barre has been known to cut calories similar to an individual who is jogging at less than 5 miles per hour. For instance, a lady that is above 40 years and weighs 150 pounds will cut over 255 calories in a barre class.

Barre is a type of workout that involves strengthening muscles that get missed during a regular workout session in a gym. Though it is the new thing in town, barre involves a complex workout program that is tough but worthwhile. It has been known to cut calories that help in maintaining an athletic body.