5 Surprising Uses for Professional Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing One: Removing Paint from Surfaces

With pressure washing, a professional technician can use a highly pressured water stream to remove paint from a variety of surfaces. This process works best on old paint that is beginning to peel from surfaces such as wood, metal or fiberglass. If you have a vehicle or boat that requires paint removal, then call a company that offers pressure-washing services. A technician can also remove paint from buildings, driveways and decks to permit a customer to apply waterproof coatings or new layers of paint.

Pressure Washing Two: Washing Windowpanes

Anyone who wants to have clean window on a building understands how difficult this job is to perform. With a gentle pressure washing, a technician can shoot soapy water at the windowpanes located on buildings, including the ones located at higher levels. This process is safer than using an extension ladder to reach the windows. After the windowpanes are clean, a technician will use the pressure-washing device to spray chemicals at the glass that will help to repel dirt while creating a clear surface without streaks.

Pressure Washing Three: Removing Mold, Mildew and Algae

When a building or deck has dangerous mold growth, mildew odor or algae contamination, property owners can call a pressure washer company to remove the substances. A technician can add detergents and deodorizers to a pressure washer device to eliminate mold, mildew and algae from a variety of surfaces. Not only will pressure washing scrub away ugly discolorations from siding, roofs and driveways, but also, it is completed quickly. Instead of spending hours using brushes to remove debris from surfaces, a pressure-washing technician is able to perform this difficult job.

Pressure Washing Four: Cleaning a Garage Floor

The floor inside a garage becomes covered with grime such as the oil dripping from vehicles, road debris from automobile tires and dirt tracked in from shoes. Removing a dense buildup of debris from the floor in a garage is a difficult task, but a pressure washer technician can blast away the grime. Most garages have a drainage hole in the floor’s cement, and the cleansers or water from the pressure-washing device will trickle away to leave a clean surface.

Pressure Washing Five: Dislodging Debris from Rain Gutters and Rooftops

Rather than climbing on a ladder to clean leaves, branches and other debris from rain gutters or downspouts, call a professional power washing company. A technician will use a ladder to reach the downspouts and rain gutters to blast a strong stream of water into the items that will dislodge dense debris. In addition, the technician can spray a building’s rooftop to remove contaminates that can erode materials such as shingles.