5 Things to Know Before Remodeling a Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom can give it a fresh new look as well as a unique experience when using it. However, before you start your remodeling project, you need to keep in mind several challenges and decisions that you will have to make on the remodeling. Below are five things that you should know before starting the renovation project.


Determine your layout


The two common plans are the open layout and the traditional design. The open layout gives you a roomier experience with lots of space. On the other hand, a conventional arrangement helps to fit many elements into an otherwise small space. You can go either way or mix the aspects of both designs. It all depends on the amount of cash you are willing to spend and the space available in your bathroom.


Plan your plumbing


Most residential homes use 11/2 inch pipes to drain dirty water. However, lots of soapy gunk and hair get trapped in the pipes from the bathroom. Therefore, you are safer if using a larger pipe than a smaller one. The cost of replacing the tube with a two-inch pipe is almost negligible. If your framing allows for larger pipes, consider installing them for your bathroom drainage.




Look for ways to brighten your bathroom. Where possible, try to have lots of natural light. If it is not possible, consider recessed lights across the ceiling. Recessed lights soften corners and make the bathroom look roomy. Additionally, you can consider having lighting above your showerhead to light up the room when taking a shower. You may have a dimmer switch to change the mood of the bathroom when taking a shower. You consider several other functional and aesthetic lighting systems.


Have storage in mind


Think of the way you will store your linen and towels when planning your layout. You may install vanities with drawer storage as drawers make it easy to organize items. You can cut out extra storage spaces around the plumbing too. It is also ideal to have hooks and bars to hang towels and other clothing when using the bathroom. One or several lockable storages are also important.


Consider your budget


Your choice of new elements or altering critical areas of the layout depends on your budget. For example, if you want to warm the floor of your bathroom, you should be ready to add about $500 to $800 to your budget. Installing a natural stone will cost about $1,000. Therefore, you need to strike a balance between quality, aesthetics, and functionality.


You need to look at innovative ways to renovate your bathroom. These five areas will help you to optimize the value of your bathroom remodeling project. Besides, you should pay attention to the quality of the fixtures you choose.