5 Tips For Selecting Earrings To Wear On Your Wedding Day

Is your wedding coming up soon, but aren’t sure what kind of earrings to wear with your dress? It can be hard to find the perfect pair, but there are some things that can help. Here are 5 tips to help you select the right earring to wear on your wedding day.


  1. Be true to you –

If you don’t normally wear chandelier earrings or hoops, keep to your aesthetic and find a nice pair of pearl of diamond studs. If you normally wear larger earrings and that is your favorite to wear, then stick with large sized earrings – don’t go small. If you normally wear mismatched earrings or something eccentric, stick to your aesthetic. Don’t be the bride you think you are supposed to be – reflect your personal style in your jewelry choices.

  1. Think about your other jewelry –

If there are already other jewelry pieces you know you want to already wear, it is important to take that into consideration. You want the jewelry to compliment each other – but not compete. Some women don’t wear earrings because their necklace is such a statement piece or they wear a more subtle style to not detract from the necklace. Some women prefer to wear a pair of chandelier earrings or something bigger, so they forgo wearing a necklace and stick with a complimentary bracelet.

  1. Consider the neckline and style–

The style of dress or the neckline can lead you in a specific direction. Think about how you overall want to look on your wedding day. If your dress is more elaborate, you may want to go with a simpler piece. If your dress is simpler, you may want to go with a statement piece.

  1. Match the metals to your dress – Some metals (silver, gold, platinum, rose gold, etc. look better with some colors more than others.
    1. White: White looks perfect with silver or platinum jewelry.
    2. Ivory: Gold is an excellent compliment to ivory.
    3. Champagne: Gold is recommended to wear with a champagne dress.
    4. Blush: Rose gold is the perfect color compliment to a blush dress.
  2. Don’t stress –

Don’t stress over the jewelry you will wear to your wedding. Most women don’t wear matching pieces anyway, so find things that you like that will compliment each other.


Every woman has different style and taste; don’t base your jewelry decisions on what other people think you should wear. Pay attention to what your taste is and you will find the perfect earrings and other jewelry to wear on your big day.