5 Ways a Loyalty Program Increases Clientele

If you belong to any customer loyalty club or ever have in the past, you already know that customer loyalty programs work to increase repeat business. For proof, you need only to wait until one local business launches a loyalty program and the rest soon follow suit!

In this post, learn five of the most recognizable ways a loyalty program can increase clientele loyalty and repeat sales.

A Loyalty Program Creates the Illusion of a Personal Connection
Even as shopping methods become more and more impersonal, marketers and entrepreneurs strive in ever greater measure to increase personalization in other ways. One successful method of doing this is through establishing a loyalty program.

Multi-tiered loyalty programs are especially popular here because there is an upgrade and additional perks awarded as the customer spends more, which feels like a personal “thank you” for their business.

A Loyalty Program Offers an Easy Way to Stay in Touch
By gathering personal customer data such as special anniversaries or birthdays, a loyalty program effortlessly creates ways to stay in touch that will feel natural to both business and customer.

After all, everyone loves free stuff and good wishes on their birthday – customers are no exception.

Loyalty Programs Ask the Customer to Buy In
Because the customer must make the choice to opt in for a loyalty program, such programs carry with them a sense of customer buy-in with each new registration.

And since using the loyalty program also carries with it additional perks, such as freebies, discounts, special deals or sales, upgrades and other methods to save, that initial buy-in just grows stronger with each new purchase.

Loyalty Programs Make it Easier to Remember the Brand
Most loyalty programs still issue some type of card for wallet and/or keychain. Many also come with app activation as well as an email newsletter. All of these are ways to keep the company brand front and center in the customer’s awareness.

So when it comes time to go shopping, that customer loyalty card or the store app is right there waiting.