5 Ways to Add a Vintage Flair to Any Room

Vintage decor is all the rage right now and for good reason. Vintage looks can be awesome for all types of homes, and it’s great to incorporate a bit of the old world with what’s going on today by bringing some things back for your home!

1. Use old frames from resale stores.

If you have brand new frames for all of your family photos and art work, consider getting a little more interesting and using old frames from vintage stores. You don’t even have to get them from antiques stores. Just go to a local resale shop and pick up a few with awesome brass detailing or interesting cuts and designs. These will surely vintage your place up!

2. Get wacky with colors.

Sometimes, people mistake vintage for boring. That’s not at all true! Just because we can only see certain eras in black and white and sepia tones because color film hadn’t yet been invented doesn’t mean we have to pretend that the past was made up of all boring colors. Find some interesting color combos and go for it! You might even start playing around wth vintage fabrics as well.

3. Repurpose items.

If you find some wacky looking gadget somewhere, don’t think twice. Just repurpose it! If you’re not sure what to do with it exactly, check online for inspiration. Use old typewriters as holders for notes and pictures, or turn machine parts into coat hooks, for example!

4. Find vintage posters and hand them in frames.

Vintage posters are pretty easy to find, and they don’t even have to be reprints. They can actually be vintage finds that you nab at resale stores. If you can’t spend a lot, consider ripping a picture out of a large old book and framing that. Just don’t choose a book you like!

As a side note, don’t try to put up the posters without frames. If you want your place to truly look vintage, you’ve got to have frames on things. Having posters up on your walls without frames just makes it look like you’re a college kid trying to decorate your dorm room.

5. Get a record player.

Remember when CDs didn’t exist? Even if you don’t remember back that far, you can still enjoy the wonders of playing an actual record. Get yourself a record player and start collecting your favorite records in a stand! This used to be a whole setup in homes. In fact, it was much like the setups we have these days for our televisions, streaming devices, DVD players and sound systems. Make this a part of your living space and everything around it will turn quickly to a vintage state of mind!