6 Steps For Closing The Sale

The most critical point of a conversation between a sales representative and a customer is the conclusion. Those last comments are crucial to the business’ success so how can you close the sale effectively? Here are six steps to close the sale and be successful!

  1. Be a friend. Yes, this is a business but customers are more comfortable speaking to a friend versus a sales representative. Keep it light and joyful. Allow the guest to feel your honest and casual demeanor.
  2. Every customer has a reason to be interested in the product or service that is being offered. Throughout the conversation, learn about the customers’ interest and expectations. Gather as much information through observation and asking questions. This will allow you to connect the customer with the right product.
  3. This is the most technical step in a conversation when closing a sale and this is where step number three is going to come in handy. It is extremely important to present the business as a whole or the product/service for its benefits first. Benefits address the customer’s direct needs with the product as a solution. The benefit of what you are offering shows the customers what they could have and how it could help them. Once the customer seems engaged, you can now present the appealing features of the product.
  4. Give customers time to ask their own questions. The successful skill for this step is to connect every question and answer back to the product and how the product can help the customer. Basically, link the questions back to the benefits. Give the customer the solution to the problems you have uncovered.
  5. Be transparent and sincere- pursue the sale. There’s a difference between asking for the sale and offering the sale. You should ask for it if you offer the sale you are allowing the customer to deny you. But if by chance the customer does deny you sale that day, you still have step number six to fall back on.
  6. Follow Up. Steps one through five was amidst one conversation. Closing the sale depends on how well a relationship was formed with the customer. If a customer trusts the representative, they are more likely to close the sale. In order for a customer to trust you, the relationship must be built on honesty.

All in all, these six steps are easy to follow but the order must be practiced and the actual skill must be perfected because at the end of the day the smallest detail like a sloppy shirt can be the denial of a closed sale. The way to deliver a successful sale is to just be you and be happy.