6 Tricks to Buying Your Prom Dress Online

Prom night is fast-approaching, and with that comes the need to get a dress. You have decided to get one online, but how do you get the best dress for you? Read on for some tips to score the dress of your dreams.

1. Know What You Want


Do you want to wear a little black dress or a pretty pastel number? How about a mini dress, ball gown or A-line style? Know what you want before you start shopping. Have an idea of what colors you like. Think about accessories, and whether you want the dress to coordinate with them and or who you are going with to the dance. Narrow your wants down to one or two filters per category. The more specific you can make your search, the better. This will save you a lot of time.


2. Measure Up


Measure yourself and write down the numbers so you can use them to check size charts. Take your chest, waist, hip and inseam measurements and compare them to what is available. Only consider dresses that exactly or almost match your measurements.


3. Try on as Many as Possible


To find your ideal dress, try on as many styles as possible. This includes color, cut, size and brand. Look for retailers and companies that offer inexpensive dress rentals or free shipping and returns. Then, you can keep your favorite and return the ones that you do not like.


4. Score a Deal


Prom dresses can be expensive, so try to get one for a steal. Check out coupon sites, sales or clearance sections. If there are places at which you regularly shop, sign up for emails to get exclusive offers. Do not buy something just because the price is right, but, if you like the style and the deal is good, snatch it up. If it catches your eye, chances are others are interested in it, too.


5. Be Realistic


When shopping, you should take your wants and needs into account. Can you afford it? Do you really like it? Are you just buying it for the size on the tag or the brand name? Consider your answers to questions like these before you make a decision. Any prom dress is an investment, so consider what works for you.


6. Think Versatile


Consider getting a dress you can wear not only to prom, but for other occasions as well, like graduation. Your money will be better spent if it is versatile enough to wear more than once. Or, donate it.


Keep these suggestions in mind as you shop for a dress. Your prom will be a night to remember, so get a dress that you love. Happy shopping!