7 Fashion Pieces You Should Always Buy Used

Fur. The reasons to buy fur second-hand are two-fold. First, fur requires killing animals and regardless of your ethics, most people would agree that if you can get great fur at a cheap price without contributing to the fur industry, you should. Second, new fur is incredibly expensive. Fur vests and coats range from $500-$5000, with most in the $800-$2000 range. Because fur used to be more popular than it is now, thrift stores and vintage shops are great places to find a wide variety of used furs.

Designer dresses. Do you have a wedding or big party coming up? Are you worried that you’ll have to buy an expensive dress that you’ll only wear once? Thrift stores are the ideal solution to this problem. Other people who had to buy fancy dresses for one time use bring their items to a vintage store, where you can score a dress that is in brand-new condition and probably a current style without yourself buying something expensive that you will only wear once.

Special occasion heels. If you’ve been eyeing Manolos or Louboutins, you know the pain that accompanies the thought of spending $700 on plain heels. If you just have to have the perfect red soles, check out a vintage or consignment store, where you’ll find authenticated designer heels for a fraction of the cost new. A reputable store will only accept shoes in excellent condition.

Silk scarves. Designer silk scarves are great for elevating your outfit or newest handbag but can cost hundreds of dollars for what is essentially a scrap of cloth. Silk scarves have been popular for several decades but never go out of style, so thrift and vintage stores are the perfect place to find them.

Designer purses. Designed purses are frequently overpriced when new but can be found at many consignment stores. Some shops that specialize in purses will even take your number and let you know when they’ve received the exact purse you’ve been hunting for. This is also a great way to find a purse you’ve had your heart set on but that has not been made for several seasons.

Kid’s clothes. Most kids outgrow their clothes quickly, so used kids clothes allow them to dress in the right size without breaking the bank. As an added bonus, you won’t be worried about your kids ruining their new duds.

Wedding clothes. Wedding clothes, especially dresses, are great to buy used. There is a thriving market for used wedding dresses and you can find your dream dress for thousands of dollars less. Just make sure to buy a size too large so you can get it tailored.