7 Things New Home Owners Should Know About Their HVAC System

New homeowners must take an assessment of all the appliances they are inheriting with the home. It is best for you to purchase the home and be prepared for any sudden breaks on anything inside that isn’t brand new. One of the most costly components for you to fix or replace is actually the HVAC System.

Here’s 7 Things New Home Owners Should Know About Their HVAC System:

1. The brand of the unit and whether there is an instruction manual. Once you get the model information on the unit you can probably find basic information online if the manual is not around. You’ll need to know how to operate the thermostat.

2. The age of the unit so you know if you’re getting a new or old system. Most HVAC systems for residential homes have about a 10-year life.

3. Life expectancy of the unit so you know if you’ll need to replace it soon. Depending on the brand or condition of the system it may be able to last longer or need replacement sooner than normal. Either way you can budget for replacement much better if you know this information.

4. Historic service data listing the names of vendors, the dates of service and type of work done. This will help if you ever need to contact the service vendor who has worked on the unit thus far. This vendor will have the most information about the health of the unit.

5. Warranty information will let you know what is covered in case you need service. Parts that are not covered might be expensive to replace.

6. If it’s a currently working unit or will you need to repair it immediately. It’s good to try to have some extra money on hand after you move in to be ready to repair or replace any of the appliances as needed. Make sure you check that the system cools and heats like it’s supposed to upfront. You don’t want to wait until the moment it’s snowing outside to find out that your heat isn’t working.

7. How often it should be serviced so you can continue or start good maintenance on it. This information will include knowing when filters need to be replaced or when someone may need to come out and charge the unit if it stops cooling.

When you purchase your new home keep your appliances in mind and be prepared for anything that you might have to spend money on. Having to put money into the home extends far beyond redecorating. Your HVAC system is probably one of the most expensive things your home has to maintain. The system is equally important for the hot and cold months. For best results you may want to find out the things you need to know about your new home’s HVAC system right away.