7 Tricks to save Money on your Beauty Products

Every beauty addict knows that while splurges are fun and exciting, they can add up quickly. That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to sacrifice your glitz and glamour to keep cash in your wallet. Instead, try these 7 great tips that will help you save money while keeping your look on point.

Buy Trial Sizes of Products That Expire Quickly

You may know that your makeup can and does expire, but some products have a much shorter shelf life than others. Mascara is a top offender in this category – tubes should be replaced within 2 to 3 months because of the proliferation of bacteria that accumulates on the wand. Even with daily use, it’s unlikely that you’ll finish a whole tube in just 8 to 12 weeks, but many of your favorite high end brands offer reasonably priced trial sizes. Check the bins by the cash register for these dollar saving favorites.

Take Advantage of Sampling Policies

Some national and international beauty retailers allow shoppers to take home samples of their products in order to test them out before buying. If you’re considering a high end purchase but you’re not convinced, take advantage of those policies before spending your hard earned cash. Sephora allows shoppers to take home a whopping 3 samples per department!

Join The eClub

Don’t roll your eyes. Sure, you’ll have a few extra emails, but you’ll also be privy to the season’s best sales and exclusive coupons and discounts. These can add up pretty quickly, and are definitely worth the few extra seconds when peeking into your inbox.

Buy Used Gift Cards Online

A lot of people miss out on this one. Just as used gift cards can be sold online, they can also be bought for lower prices than face value. This includes gift cards to major beauty retailers. Since Sephora takes JC Penney gift cards, your options are twofold. You can net some real savings by keeping your eyes peeled for these cards.

Learn Professional Techniques

Today’s beauty lovers have an advantage that their predecessors did not – video tutorials. Sites like YouTube are chock full of videos that help amateur beauty enthusiasts learn to thread their own eyebrows, achieve awesome manicure techniques, perfect their cut crease and learn many other special skills that they’d otherwise pay top dollar for. Spend some time studying up, and you may find that you can help yourself look great for far less money than the salon.

Sign Up For Frequent Shopper Cards

If you’re at your favorite beauty retailer at least once a week or are making frequent online purchases, it’s time to sign up for a rewards card. Not only will you receive exclusive coupons and discounts, but you’ll accumulate bonus points that will net you great rewards throughout the year. It takes very little effort, and the payoff can be spectacular.

Use Multi Purpose Products

Let’s not forget about MUA go-tos like Aquaphor and rose salve, which can be used for a number of techniques. Blending a little Aquaphor with your foundation creates an instant BB cream. Why spend another $15-20 on a product when it’s that easy? Rose salve with an eyeliner brush and a dedicated eyeshadow in your perfect color can make high cost Dipbrow a thing of the past. Simply glaze your brow lightly with the salve and fill in with the shadow for the bold brow looks that are currently on trend.