8 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring A Makeup Artist

Do you have a wedding or a TV commercial to work on? Do you need a professional makeup artist to help you or your actors look good on camera? Makeup artists play a pivotal role on enhancing people on camera to help turn photos and videos pristine with quality.

– What Kind Of Experience Do You Have?

Ask this question in hopes to find out just about what they have done and what they can do for you. This helps you to see if they are suitable for what you need them to do.

– Is Your Makeup Kit Filled With Variety?

You want to have a professional who has makeup colors in variety. If there is no variety, they may not be able to handle the demands that you need to be met. They should be able to have basic makeup but also the advanced higher edge color for what you need.

– Does Your Experience Correlate Well With Our Project?

Whether it’s a wedding or a commercial shooting, you need to have an artist who has worked on previous projects similar to what you’re hiring them for. Ask them if their experience is very similar to your needs. There are artists that can do it all while there are others who specialize in specific projects.

– Are You Trained and Certified?

This is a basic thing to check if they are certified, trained, or have received some kind of guidance from a makeup teacher or program.

– Do You Have A Team To Help You?

If you only need them, then this shouldn’t really be a problem. However, if you need like three or more artists on hand, this question should serve you well.

– Will You Be The One Applying The Makeup Or Somebody Else?

Nothing is more annoying than hiring a famous makeup artist only to find out their assistant or associate is the one that will be helping. Asking this will ensure you know who you are hiring for your event or project.

– How Does Payment For You Work?

This question will help you find out how much you will spend upfront and other logistics in terms with working with them.

– Do You Offer Trial Makeup?

You can always ask them if they offer a free or discounted trial makeup before your special event just to make sure if they can. There are always people who struggle when it comes down to getting the right makeup on the day of their wedding or event, so a trial is always best.

These questions will help you save time and stress, and help you improve and enhance your chances at getting the best makeup done for your body.