8 Low Cost Backyard Remodel Ideas

Your backyard space is an important part of your home and it can serve many purposes. It can be a place for outdoor entertaining, a place for your children to play, and a place for your family to relax. A backyard remodel may seem daunting and expensive, but there are some simple and affordable things you can do to take your backyard to the next level and make it a space that your family truly enjoys. Read on to discover 8 backyard remodel ideas.

Divide Up Your Space
Make your backyard more functional by separating it into defined spaces. Have a space for dining and entertaining, a space for reflection and meditation, and a space for the kids to play.

Clean Up and Define Plant and Flowerbeds
If you don’t have many plants or flowers in your yard, you may want to wait until a local nursery has a clearance sale. If you already have plants in your yard, take some time to do some maintenance. Clean up your flowerbeds by removing weeds and decluttering. Define beds with rubber edging to give the beds a more finished look.

A little mulch can go a long way in making your yard feel complete. Use mulch in flowerbeds and around trees to add definition to these spaces.

Outdoor Seating
Outdoor seating is a necessity if you want your backyard to be a place where your family spends their time. Search flea markets and yard sales to find an outdoor table and chairs. Hang a hammock or use pallets to build a swing between a pair of trees to create a relaxing outdoor environment. Use cinder blocks to build a bench. Make sure there are multiple seating areas for your family and guests.

Lighting is an easy way to create ambience. Hang lighting from overhead spaces to make your backyard feel magical and define areas using solar lights in the ground.

Find an inexpensive wooden trellis and plant climbing plants around it. A trellis can serve as a great focal piece for your backyard.

Create a Path
Create a path using rubber edging and rock. This path can lead to a special place in your yard or garden and will make the space feel more purposeful.

Add Color
Look for places in your yard to add color. You can bring color into your yard in many ways, not just by choosing flower color palettes. Consider painting wooden furniture, stain a concrete patio, paint a brick wall. Color can make you backyard pop and pull together all of your decorative elements.