9 Essential Tips for Moving in Rainy Weather

It’s not always possible to know if it will rain on your moving day, but checking each of the three days ahead of the day can help. The ideal way to move is to employ a moving company to move your belongings. But if you wake up to rain and you don’t have movers, there are still several ways to have a good move, regardless of precipitation.

  1. While you are checking that weather, prepare just in case by gathering and stocking up on cheap floor mats, plastics such as tarps and garbage bags, and thick blankets. An overhead tarp or tent will definitely help, if you have a tent or the makings for a makeshift covering. Make sure you are able to locate good rubber-soled shoes and gloves.
  2. Even if you’re not prepared, don’t despair – you have many items and materials you can use to combat the pelting moisture. Duffel bags and suitcases will hold a lot of items. You can also use garbage bags, large plastic retail bags, and blankets. And you can rent (or buy) moving blankets from your local moving truck rental and supply location.
  3. If the rain is on the heavier side, consider postponing your move, if possible. Otherwise, if you have a nice neighbor and/or a forgiving landlord, you can store your more vulnerable furniture and electronics while you move your other belongings.
  4. Check the moving truck or other conveyance for leaks and adjust accordingly, so your stuff won’t get wet in transit.
  5. Map out your path between your old residence to the truck, and then from the truck to your new residence. Position the truck to target as close as conveniently possible to the entrance in each location.
  6. Set up the flooring of your path with safe placement of appropriate materials. If applicable, be especially careful with the ramp on the moving truck.
  7. Set up a conveyance line so that your belongings can be given from the outside person to the inside person, so you will have less wet traffic in your home.
  8. First move the items packed in plastic boxes/bags and items that can withstand some rain. With some luck, the rain will slow down in a short time.
  9. Towel off wet items as soon as you can when you get them inside. Check the cardboard boxes and if there is evidence of water inside, take the items out. Get rid of any wet boxes as soon as possible.Moving in the rain is not great, but with logical thought and ingenuity, it will all work out in the end. And don’t forget your sense of humor.