Five Reasons Pool Owners Should Own A Fence

Owning a pool can make a real difference in your life. It allows you to relax in a fun and enjoyable way. It also makes entertaining far more fun in the warmer months. Pools and fences go naturally together. Here are five reasons why pool owners should have a fence.


One of the first reasons why anyone who owns a pool should have a fence around it is privacy. The last thing that you want is to be gawked at and judged by neighbors, random people on the street or other people in the house while you are trying to enjoy the pool. You could decide to erect a solid fence so that there is no way anyone outside the property could see into the pool area. Alternately, you could put up a chain link or slatted fence that you cover when you decide to go swimming.


Thousands of people are injured or killed in pools every year. This includes 390 children under the age of 14 who die due to pool accidents. Pool owners should have a fence around the area in order to improve safety on the property. A fence can section off the pool whenever it is not in use. It can create a barrier that will stop children and pets from accidentally falling into the water and drowning.

Keep Intruders and Unwanted People Out

A good reason pool owners need a fence is to keep intruders and unwanted people out of the pool. There are over 1 million felony convictions each year. Some of those are for vandalism and criminal trespassing. A fence is an obstacle that criminals, drunk partygoers or mischievous kids will not want to take the time to cross. The fence stops people from vandalizing and potentially ruining your pool leaving thousands of dollars in damage behind. It also keeps out people who might try to use the pool against your wishes while you are at work or on vacation.

Lower Insurance Rates

Home insurance rates are based on many things although risk is a major factor. The rates you pay are based on how safe your home is. They are a reflection of just how likely someone is to be injured on your property. Owning a pool increases your rates. Installing a good fence can lower them significantly. A fence lowers the chance of anyone being injured in the pool. It helps to mitigate you liability and keep insurance rates down.

It Could Be the Law

A final reason pool owners should have a fence is that it could be the law. Many jurisdictions have enacted laws requiring pools to be surrounded by fences of a certain height. If one does not exist in your area yet, then it likely will very soon. Putting up a fence will prepare your property for any future laws or building codes about pools and fences.