How to Avoid a Vacation Diet Disaster: 5 Helpful Tips

One of the hardest times to stick to your diet is during a vacation. You want to be able to eat all the goodies you want like desserts and rich, sumptuous meals. You’re also focused on the vacation itself, so you might not be making the best food choices. During a vacation, many healthy adults gain one pound on their trip even when they are more active. These tips will help you stay on track during your vacation.

1. Pack a Few Meals
Whether you bring them in your luggage or buy them at the store when you get to your destination, you should have a few meals with you to avoid temptation. The best meal to do this with is breakfast. You can bring protein-packed oatmeal or power bars. It’s easy to keep a few in your bag while sightseeing too. This will help you avoid eating when you’re extremely hungry.

2. Menu Choices
It can be tough to know how much saturated fat is in the food you order at a restaurant, and they don’t have calorie counts on most menu items. That doesn’t mean you can’t make good choices. Many restaurants don’t mind catering to your diet restrictions. Explain to the waiter or waitress that you’d like to stick with a healthy option and see what they recommend.

3. Pick One Item to Splurge
It’s really no fun to be on a diet while you’re on vacation. You’ll feel deprived if you can’t indulge in a local delicacy. It’s okay to pick one item or one meal where you eat the local foods. It’s important that you eat in moderation though. Don’t make that meal worth thousands of calories, or it’ll ruin the rest of your trip.

4. Stay Away from the Breadsticks
Those breadsticks, nachos, crackers or chips that are left on your table can be worth hundreds of calories on their own. They’re also a great way to ruin your appetite for your main meal. While you’re on vacation, you want to taste local cuisine, not snack on bread.

5. Share Dessert
It’s no fun to miss out on desserts, so you can always order and share with someone else. You could order dessert and bring it back to the hotel with you. You can enjoy it later with a loved one, so you’re still not eating the entire treat yourself. You can talk to your travel partner about your choices too. It’ll help to have a diet buddy who isn’t going to push you into ruining your diet. Food isn’t the only thing you should discuss¬†with your travel partner.