How To Decorate Your Wedding with Paper Lanterns

Your big day is near and you want the most amazing decorations for your wedding. If you have an evening or night wedding, you should consider decorating with paper lanterns. Paper lanterns can be used for lighting, ambiance, and d├ęcor. They can even as an interactive activity for your guests.


Line the walkway to the reception hall with hand made lanterns. Use plain, white lunch bags, and line them up a few feet apart from each other, on each side of the walkway. Then, put two inches of sand to anchor the bags, add a single lit tea light inside each bag, and you have created a well lit, beautiful path that makes your guests feel instantly welcome. If you want to make a bit more of a statement, cut out small hearts on the front of the bag. The heart will glow a bit brighter than the bag.


Since paper lanterns come is various shapes and sizes, you can really do a lot of decorating with them. Choose three different colored lanterns and three different sizes. Hang them randomly across the ceiling, trying to incorporate light bulbs in the center of as many as you can. Hang them at staggering heights so that it gives you a very rich feel. You can also use the small ones and attach them to stung lights similar to those used to decorate for Christmas.

Think about the extreme elegance of an all white, outdoor wedding, lit by ambient white light. Purchase or make lots of simple white paper lanterns with bottoms for candles. Put either real teal lights or fake candles in them. String them in trees at varying heights, and on twine, strung between the trees for a floating effect. Your guests will feel like they are in a sort of fairyland.


Another amazing way to use paper lanterns as decorations your wedding day, is to let your guests launch the paper lanterns into the night sky. These are special lanterns, called sky lanterns and are extremely romantic. There is usually a small bit of fuel at the bottom of the lanterns that you have to ignite, causing the lantern to soar. Have your guests each write a beautiful wish to you and your mate on the lanterns before they slowly launch them into the darkness. This is a very dramatic and beautiful way to involve your guests in the celebration. It is also quite an amazing site to see. Remember to talk to your local fire marshal about this, because it may be prohibited inside city limits.

There are limitless things that you can do to incorporate paper lanterns into your wedding decorations. Have fun with it and try out a few options ahead of the wedding so that on your night, you only have to enjoy your magical celebration.