How to Select the Perfect Shelving for Your Work Van

If you are working out of your van, then you need to store a large amount of equipment in the back. You do not want to just make piles of things on the floor. You need to have shelving installed. Picking the right type can be hard. Here are some things to look for to select the perfect shelving for your work van.

Depth and Footprint

The first thing to look at is the size of the shelving options. You specifically want to look at the depth and footprint. You want shelves that are deep enough to hold a variety of bins, supplies and power tools. You also have to balance that by choosing units that do not take up too much space in the van. Look for shelving that has the right footprint to allow for ample storage while leaving plenty of floor space for other equipment.

Adjustable Shelves

The next thing to look for is van shelving that is adjustable. Your storage needs are likely to change over time. You want the shelving unit for you van to be able to grow and change with your needs. Adjustable units allow you to reposition the shelves, remove some completely or add new ones as necessary. This can be incredibly useful over the life of the van.


There are over 253 million vehicles on highways today. Manufacturers understand that all those people have different requirements when it comes to accessories like shelves. This is why a few different material options are available. The most common van shelves are made from aluminum or steel. Aluminum is often the best option although steel comes in a close second. Particleboard shelving is not a good choice since it is heavy, clunky and easily damaged.

Endcap Storage

You need to utilize every bit of space in your van. Something to look for in your shelving is endcap storage. The ends facing the rear doors can be used to do things like hang extension cords or store work belts and overalls. You want a shelving unit that already has pegs, hooks or slots for those things build into the frame.

Drawers and Compartments

There are 373,000 general contractors or construction managers working today all with different storage needs. You want to find shelves that have drawers and smaller compartments built into the unit or that have space for those options. This is going to make it very easy to store small things like screws, drill bits and fuses inside of your van without having to improvise some type of container system.

Mesh Gates or Covers

The final thing to think about is whether you want van shelving with mesh gates or covers. These are doors on the fronts of the shelving that you can see through. They are a good option because it stops items from falling off the shelves while you are driving. They can also sometimes be inconvenient because the gates restrict clear access to the entire shelving unit at once.