Sell it or Trash it: What to Do with Outgrown Children’s Clothes

Children grow up fast. Parents know this because kids often leave a trail of clothes that no longer fit behind as they get bigger. A real question many families have is how to handle those clothes that cannot be used anymore. Here are some things you can do with outgrown children’s clothes.

Selling the Clothes

If the children’s clothes you have are in good condition, you need a little extra cash or they are designer brands, then you might want to consider selling them. This is the simplest option. You can sell them online, at a consignment shop or through a garage sale. The downside is that you cannot really sell clothes that are extremely out of style or that look worn.

Donate To a Good Cause

You could take just about any clothes that are not totally ruined and donate them to a good cause. You can give to homeless shelters, larger organization that will distribute the clothes nationally or local donation boxes in parking lots. You might even be able to get a tax deduction for some of the children’s clothes. It is important to remember that the clothes have to be in good to excellent condition to get a tax deduction. Donating makes many people feel good about helping others.

Store the Clothes for Someone Else

If you have older children who might eventually have kids or know people who are pregnant, then you could just put your outgrown children’s clothes aside in a plastic bin or other container. Save the clothes so that you can give them directly to someone who is planning to have a baby in the future.

Swap What You Have

There are 73.6 million children in the country today. Many might need clothes and have clothes that you need. Think about swapping what you have with other families. You could get larger sizes in the exchange or different clothes for another child. There are even online swap sites for children’s clothes.

Repurpose the Fabric

A fun idea is to repurpose the fabric in the children’s clothes. You can cut the clothes up and make things like quilts, pillows or even stuffed animals. You could create clothes for dolls or aprons. An idea you might want to consider is taking the clothes and turning them into a memento by framing a special outfit or creating a piece of art from the various pieces. This is good if the clothes have real sentimental value since they will stay in your life in another form.

Throwing Away the Clothes

The last resort is to throw the outgrown children’s clothes away. This should be your final option only after everything else has been proven impractical or impossible. Throw away any clothes that are clearly unwearable, worn to the point of almost falling apart or stained beyond repair.