Seniors Can Benefit From Cannabis In 7 Ways

In the past, cannabis was a “drug”, as oppose to an alternative form of medicine. Seniors, especially those that have been around since the marijuana prohibition era, are shifting their options on the once outlawed drug. The curiosity on the benefits versus the side effects of cannabis has many elders wondering how it can impact their health. Below are 7 ways cannabis helps seniors.

1. Become Less Dependent on Prescriptions 
Cannabis allows seniors to become less dependent on their daily prescription drugs. Using cannabis daily provides strong anti-oxidant properties that give relief to those diagnosed with Lupus, IBS and certain cancers. The cannabis plant also helps with high blood pressure and digestive disorders.

2. Increases Appetite
One of the many benefits of cannabis is that it increases appetite. As seniors get older in age, they can experience a phase of rapid weight loss. Cannabis causes a heightened sense of taste and smell which leads to a more eating.

3. Helps with Sleeping 
It’s a huge misconception that seniors spend most of their days sleeping and resting. While some do, most seniors experience insomnia to some degree. Cannabis, especially Indica strains, cause the body to fully relax after consumption.

4. Anxiety 
CBD infused strains work best at curing episodes of anxiety. Seniors often have feelings of anxiety as they get older due to increased stress. While THC offers some benefits, CBD Indica and Hybrid strains directly affect the neurotransmitters in the brain that cause the body to relax.

5. Arthritis and Muscle Spasms
Cannabis has many anti-inflammatory benefits that help with severe body pain. Aging problems such as arthritis and muscle spasms are controlled by using cannabis. Cannabis consumption by smoking, eating or topical use offer the best results. The use of topicals plays a major role in providing pain relief.

6. Depression 
Depression is a mental disorder that affects people from all walks of life. Seniors are no exception, they often become overwhelmed with daily health issues, pain and feelings of isolation. Unlike anti-depressant medications, cannabis doesn’t have any lasting side effects. CBD strains work best for depression as they cause an increase in mood.

7. Can Eliminate Chronic Pain 
Chronic pain is a reason so many people seek out the help of cannabis. Tired of feeling groggy from their medication, Seniors have sought an anti-side effect alternative. Cannabis helps in treating nerve and neuropathic pain by releasing cannabinoids into the system.

The world of cannabis has changed and so has its perception. Seniors have choices when pursuing alternative forms of medicine and many of them continue to choose cannabis. The subject of cannabis can no longer be hidden in the dark, it’s on full display and many seniors have started to see the light.