The Top Five Fashion Styles We Will See This Spring

At the dawn of each new season, fashion lovers prepare themselves for the onslaught of new trends. It’s impossible to partake in each trend that a new season births, however, there’s always something for everyone. This year is no different. With so many options to choose from, everyone has something to look forward to. To narrow things down, below are the top five spring fashion styles we will be indulging in for 2016.

Shirtdresses. Moving away from the maxi and midi dresses of the past few seasons, the popularity of the shirtdress has been slowing creeping up on us. For spring 2016, it has made its presence fully known by splashing onto the scene in every cut, length and color imaginable. The easy going convenience of this item has made it a go-to.

High neckline tops. Much like brunch, spring satisfies our need to leave the cold behind, while teasing the upcoming warmth of summer. High necklines on sleeveless shirts is the epitome of this combination. Seen on crop tops and full-length shirts alike, the high neckline is here to stay.

Print sets. We saw prints begin to emerge last season, but they have managed to stay in the forefront and ease into spring. Matching tops and bottoms give refined look, while still leaving room for self-expression. The print you choose says it all, so pick wisely.

Denim redone. From cropped and flared jeans to shorts to tops, denim is definitely here this season. The cut is focused on comfort and the weight is lighter with more vibrant blue hues to choose from. Denim can be paired with so many different kinds of shoes, to create a polished look or more of a 70’s vibe; whichever suits your taste. It is meant to be a no-fuss item for spring, and because of that, it is a must have.

Gingham. Large, small, pink, or black and white. Gingham was all over the runways and was seen applied to almost each of the trends mentioned above. Gingham is not a new choice, but it has been reworked to look modern. The myriad color choices and ease with which it flows, makes it a perfect spring 2015 trend for the masses.

This spring the overall feel is comfort. It’s displayed in the cuts of the roomy denim and free flowing style of the shirtdresses.Updating your wardrobe for spring 2016 will be a breeze. With price-points to compliment any budget, you can simply add a few of the on-trend pieces mentioned above, pair them with the right accessories and shoes, and you will be ready to hit the streets. Spring 2016 is looking like it will be fashionably fun.