The Top Movies Dealing With Genetics

The top movies on genetics are fascinating because you might not realize these movies are actually about genetics. These movies do not always explicitly talk about genetics, but their storylines are held together by the idea that genetics can be used as a weapon, as a way to create healing, or as a way to make something great. Look at the top movies on genetics below, and you will find that you might need to look at these movies a bit differently.

1. Jurassic Park 
The dinosaurs were brought back to life by genetic research, but that research goes out of control. That is the basic premise behind each movie. You should not mess with nature because it will turn out to be much more powerful than you believe. No matter how many movies they make, the movies will always be about the power of genetics, what can happen when humans are careless, and how we cannot take genetics lightly.

2. X-Men 
The X-Men are genetic mutants, and their mutations are a major plot point in every movie. Someone who is watching closely will realize that most of them do not want to be freaks anymore, and they want to live normal lives. They are hoping for something better, and they are often promised a better life that will not require them to feel so much pain, danger, or regret.

3. Alien: Resurrection 
Alien: Resurrection is the perfect movie to talk about genetics because a character in Ridley who died has come back to life. It talks about how she has a child, how she and that child are so similar, and how she could be brought back to life after her fairly decisive death.

4. I Am Legend 
I Am Legend talks about genetics from the point of view of a vampire outbreak. It appears that Will Smith is the only person in the movie who did not have the genetic problem that turned so many people into vampires, and we have to wonder how he was the lucky one. There are genetic explanations, but we cannot truly know because the body can respond to genetics in very strange ways.

5. Splice 
Splice is a movie that forces people to wonder what would happen if humans were spliced with aliens. This is a terrifying thought, and it makes you wonder if some scientists would do these things because they could. Jeff Goldblum famously posits that scientists were too busy finding out if they could do something that they never thought about whether or not they should do something. Splice brings that idea full circle.

The best movies on genetics make you wonder what would happen if science advanced too far for human consumption.