The Ultimate Traveler’s Guide to Ecuador

Ecuador is a beautiful jewel of a country situated on the west Coast of South America. It is home to many different ecosystems and the locals are known for being the friendliest of all of the South American destinations. Take a look at some of these great places to visit while in Ecuador.

1.) View Cotopaxi
Ecuador is probably most famous for its stunning volcanoes, and Cotopaxi is the one that can’t be missed. It is the second highest mountain peak in the country and is gorgeous with its snow caps. Adventurists can even climb the mountain with a licensed guide.

2.) Visit the Galapagos Islands
Nature lovers can’t miss this beautiful little island. Home to penguins, sea tortoises, sea lions, iguanas and more, this remote place is like the land that time forgot. Some guided tours allow visitors to swim or snorkel alongside the native species and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a world unspoiled by human intervention.

3.) Take in the beautiful Lake Cuicocha
This absolutely stunning lake needs to be seen to be believed. The gorgeous blue green color of the water changes as the sun shifts and makes for an experience you’ll never forget. Set high in the Andes, it takes a bit of planning to get to. But the beauty is the reward, as well as the option to take a boat ride inside of the caldera!

4.) Visit the Basilica of the National Vow
History and religion buffs will marvel at this beautiful cathedral. Although it was never fully finished (locals believe it would summon the end of the world to complete it) it is still an amazing sight to behold.

5.) Cajas National Park
Nature lovers will be in paradise at Cajas National Park. This diverse park has over 250 lakes to explore and is home to over 100 species of birds.

6.) Stay in Banos de Agua Santa
Adventure seekers will find themselves right at home in Banos. As if the beautiful backdrop of the jungle wasn’t enough, there are plenty of activities for vacation goers to choose from, as well. From white water rafting to mountain climbing to hang gliding, visitors can get their adrenaline pumping with the wide array of activities Banos offers. After all of the adventure, relax in one of their famous hot springs to ease tension.

7.) Visit Tena for Amazon thrills
For an up close and personal Amazon jungle experience, try Tena on for size. You’ll find the most authentic South American jungle town atmosphere here. You can take expeditions through the Amazon, go white water rafting, or just soak in the jungle atmosphere.

8.) Nariz Del Diablo
This amazing train ride allows visitors to take in panoramic views of the beautiful Andes countryside.