3 Considerations to Make When Purchasing Cigars Online

Purchasing a quality cigar requires knowledge about the product as well as patience to determine whether those particular requirements are met. This assessment is ideally done in-person as the quality of a cigar is easier to determine when holding them. However, this is not possible when purchasing cigars online. The same factors must still be considered, but must be evaluated in a different way. Here are three considerations to make when purchasing cigars online.

1. Packaging 

Even the highest standard cigars can be ruined if they are not stored properly. This problem is even of greater importance when the cigars are being transported. As purchasing cigars online will inevitably see them being shipped, it is important to know how they are packaged. There are a few specifications that should be adhered to when packaging cigars. Some sort of support against damage such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts should be stuffed in the packaging. The box itself should also be structurally sound and resistant to movement or small amounts of shock. Perhaps the most important component is the placement of cigars inside a tightly sealed sleeve that will help keep them fresh.

2. Construction 

Because many are hand-rolled, it is impossible for their to be a strict uniformity amongst different cigars. However, there is a general shape and consistency to be met that ensures cigars don’t fall apart. After all, a good cigar shouldn’t fall apart even when being smoked. It should stay intact throughout use. The roll, tightness, sealing and shape are all important factors that must be carefully curated in order to hold a cigar together properly. These elements are much easier to determine in person when one can handle a cigar in hand. When purchasing online however, these factors have to be determined by sight alone. Most online sellers should have close-up pictures from several angles to make this process easier. There should also be a short description of the cigar’s particular rolling and construction process. Consult both of these resources before making a cigar purchase online.

3. Color & Texture 

Color and texture are two important indicators of a quality cigar. Fortunately, these two factors are much easier to determine online than some other elements. It is popularly believed that the color of a cigar can tell users about the strength of flavor. Despite being this being false, the color can still help to determine the cigars quality. A leaf with a uniform color throughout the roll is indicative of a higher quality cigar. The same reasoning goes for the texture of the cigar as well. The more uniform the texture is along the entire cigar, and throughout the entire set, the greater the quality.

Buying cigars online is inherently trickier than purchasing in person. There are several ways to determine the quality of a cigar, but most of them require a user to be physically holding the cigar. However, there are still some considerations that can help determine the quality of a cigar online.