6 Tips to Make Your International Move Easier

A city-to-city or state-to-state move can’t compare to international moving. The details associated with moving abroad are very specific, so simple tasks like switching doctors or banks magnify in an international move. Six solutions will turn the extremely chaotic situation into controlled chaos.

Research the City in Person 
Learn the best neighborhoods and the local shops around it on Google, Yelp, and city websites. Then, explore the country in person. Walk in those desirable neighborhoods to see if the neighborhood suits you. Grab a city guide and read it. Learn about public transportation. Secure a spot in a rental home or apartment lodging. Secure a job in advance.

Carry Necessary Documents with You 
Visas, passports, financial documents, government documents, and medical documents are examples of necessary documents needed for airports and emergencies. Make copies of everything on an external hard drive or USB flash drive. Keep hard copies in a waterproof bag.

Obtain International Documents 
An immigration lawyer can assist with informing clients about international items needed to be a member of the country. Examples of mandatory items include an international driver’s license, pet/ family vaccinations, visas, schools, medical history, insurance, and a bank account.

Contact the Government 
Inform immigration authorities and government officials in America about moving out of the country a year before moving day. Let them handle clearance from this country to the next so the transition is smooth. In fact, hire an immigration lawyer to guide you through the process. This step is mandatory.

Appliances and Electronics 
Unless the country you’re moving to is Canada, it’s unlikely you’ll keep the appliances and electronics as is. A television and DVD signal in North America is NTSC; most of the world uses PAL. If the electronics cannot convert from NTSC to PAL, you must sell or donate the product. For appliances, the electricity and voltage operate differently, so use a converter for small electronics if possible. Large appliances like refrigerators and washer/dryers are too big to convert, so sell or donate the product.

International Moving Surprises 
An international move may require more than one trip to move everything. Belongings must pass US and foreign customs along with TSA security and foreign security before the belongings pass over to you. You also need to find a mover who has extensive experience in international moving so the already stressful process can be less stressful. Because of this, international moving requires six months of preparation minimum for a smooth transition.

Details big and small matter in an international move and moving in this magnitude will cause some type of stress. The key here is planning well in advance for an international move. Don’t move in haste. Let these six tips guide you toward a better moving experience.