9 Unique Benefits of Having an Awning at Your House

An awning can be defined as a sheet of material, such as canvass or other similar fabric, that is stretched over a frame in order to protect from the rays of the sun, the rain or other forces of nature. They are typically installed over storefronts, doors, windows or decks. It’s not only businesses that can benefit from awnings. Homeowners can get a lot of use out of them as well. Below are nine different benefits to installing an awning on your house.

Awnings Can Be Retractable 

One of the great things about modern awnings is that their placement does not have to be permanent. Many awnings are retractable so they are only extended when you want them to be. Some even come with remote controls.

They Add Great Aesthetic Value 

One of the biggest benefits of awnings is their aesthetic charm. Many businesses use them to add a homey or classical feel to the external design of their buildings. They can do the exact same thing for your home.

They Block Out the Rain 

Ever come home during a rain storm and get drenched while fiddling with your keys to unlock your front door? This is one of the benefits of installing awnings at strategic locations around your home. They keep you dry.

They Help You Save Money on Air Conditioning 

One of the main uses of awnings is to block out the rays of the sun. Doing so can lower your cooling bills during the summer by reducing something known as a heat gain through windows. According to the US Department of Energy, awnings can reduce heat gain by 65 to 77 percent.

They Can Protect Your Health 

The American Academy of Dermatology reports that 9,500 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every day. Having an awning over your deck or patio can help protect you from the sun’s harmful radiation.

They Can Increase a Home’s Selling Price 

Awnings require a small investment to install. However, the value they can add to your home’s selling price when you put it on the market in the future can far outweigh that tiny investment.

They Are Great for Social Events 

An awning on your patio or deck can make that space much more enjoyable for visitors. With the threat of the sun or the rain removed, that space under the awning can be a center for parties and other social events at your home.

Awnings Can Be Programmed 

Modern designs for awnings can be programmed. If the heat gets above a certain temperature, the awning will open up on its own. If it gets too windy, the awning can retract automatically.

Awnings Can Protect Your Patio Furniture 

Patio furniture can wear out fast thanks to exposure to direct sunlight and the rain. However, with an awning installed, your patio furniture will receive some protection from the elements. As a result, the furniture will last much longer.